Ida Sue Baron, Ph.D., ABPP
Board Certified in Clinical Neuropsychology
Board Certified Subspecialist in Pediatric Neuropsychology
American Board of Professional Psychology
Clinical Professor Emeritus in Pediatrics
The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Washington, DC

Neuropsychological Evaluation of the Child: Domains, Methods, & Case Studies, Second Edition

Ida Sue Baron (Oxford University Press, 2018)

Second Edition

  • A unique and practical edition that compiles published and unpublished normative data for individual neuropsychological tests in one resource/reference text.
  • Reviews basic skills required for history taking, administration, interpretation, and communication of results.
  • Addresses critical topics in neuropsychology and neurology in domain-specific chapters.
  • Focuses on an integrative approach to case analysis.
  • Provides key examples of how test results directly inform about brain function in response to medical disease and disorder.
  • Emphasizes that knowledge about a child’s maturational trajectory is essential for accurate interpretation of brain-behavior relationships.

New to this Edition

  • This updated and expanded edition retains a practical developmental and lifespan perspective for neuropsychological case formulation.
  • Chapters cover the current status, clinical issues, and essential domains and techniques in clinical neuropsychological practice and research.
  • Chapters include case vignettes that explicate brain-behavior relationships in youth from preschool-age through adolescence with medical disease or psychological disorder.